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Harry Potter Angst

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Welcome to hpangst: A community for Harry Potter Angst fic!

Angst is something not very happy or whee. This involves stories about breaking up, character deaths, non-consensual sex, and overall unhappy endings. It's like dark!fic.


1) All Harry Potter angsty fiction and art is welcome. This includes all slash, chanslash, femmeslash, and het pairings. Even Ron/Squid is acceptable and esteemed. General works also.

2) All works of fiction and art must be of the Harry Potter fandom.

3) No fluff. Fluff!fic and fluff!art should be posted at hpfluff.

4) When posting, use this format:

or artist if this is an art post
insert lj cut or link here
Notes: optional: this would be like a description, summary, or warning space.

4) Use your judgement. Put a warning if you are posting a work of fiction or art that is non-consensual, kinky (such as S & M, bondage, beastiality, necrophilia, etc), or even NC17. People might be at work or might not be into reading about chains and whips.

5) However, if you read or see something you find offensive and there is a warning than you do not have the right to complain.

6) No flames. Ever. Constructive criticism is helpful, but flaming is just outright offensive. Mind your P's and Q's.

7) If you are posting art, try not to use freeservers.

8) Go over your work and make sure there are no silly spelling or grammar mistakes. Betaing is not required

9) Try to post complete works. If something is a WIP, please mark it as so.

Thank you. This community is not closed.

Questions and answers should be directed to your mods: crimson_stained, justapresence, and hot_jupiters.

( It should be noted here that hot_jupiters is the lazy busy mod who isn't around much! She's sort of just here to be pretty and friendly, like a 50's housewife. )

We are expecting to see heart-wrenching angsty ficlets, drabbles, art, etc that will make us cry and go woe. Muah

Sister community? hpfluff